What is a tornado ?

What is a tornado ?

A tornado is a vertical funnel of air, rotating violently and moving at a high speed from a place to another. A tornado can wipe out and carry away objects, or animals. It can, therefore, lead to serious ravages because of its force. A tornado can move at a high speed of around 280 to 300 mph. Its width may reach a mile, and it may rise up to 50 miles.

In fact, a tornado may uproot trees, hurl up light or heavy objects like chairs, tables, sticks, or even vehicles. Alternative names for a tornado is a twister; yet, the most violent ones are known as super cells. A tornado derives from thunderstorms and is often accompanied with a hailstorm. Tornadoes are some of the most fatal natural disasters. In this article, discover how tornadoes form, and how they are rated.

Where do the most violent tornadoes go?

Violent storms take place in many regions worldwide. Yet, the most destructive tornadoes occur in the USA. In general, several tornadoes occur in various parts of the United States every year. The region where a tornado passes is known as a tornado alley.

The tornado alley in the USA includes the eastern part of South Dakota and Nebraska. It may then head to Kansas and Oklahoma, and then go to northern Texas, and eastern Colorado. Each year, the hardest and most dangerous tornadoes in the U.S. make around 80 fatalities and over 1,500 injuries per year. The tornado season is from late winter through mid-summer.

How violent is a tornado?

Material losses from tornadoes amount to approximately 400 million dollars a year, apart from the casualties. In fact, extreme swirling winds blow up trees and ravage the plantation. They may also tear up homes, and carry away vehicles like trucks, cars, motorcycles, up in the air. Likewise, powerful tornadoes destroy bridges and may even empty the riverbed. Additionally, violent tornadoes may carry people away, causing their injuries or death, after a tragic fall from a high altitude. Most injuries from a tornado, however, results from a serious shock after being hit by flying objects it has carried away. Those debris may include sharp objects or tools, rocks, pieces of glass, and pieces of metal, or pieces of wood.

Can the tragic losses be prevented?

  • One of the reasons for the high death toll is the sense of adventure, which pushes some individuals to venture outdoor for a picture near the tornado. Thus, accidents, injuries and deaths can be prevented if they take precautions and stay home when a tornado is going to strike some regions.
  • Precise weather forecasts can help prevent the high number of casualties from a tornado, because it can help people know about tornado alley ahead of time. Improvement in weather forecast systems helps reduce the death toll from a tornado. Therefore, people should avoid going inside the alley as soon as the forecast is known.
  • It is crucial to avoid going near or within the tornado alley in order to sav lives.
  • Equally, it is vital to warn people ahead of time about an imminent tornado. This could be done through radio announcements; also, warnings can be broadcast in public places and on TV.
  • The use of doppler radar and satellites contributes a lot to the prediction of tornadoes in the USA. That's why the U.S. National Weather Service uses them to provide accurate tornado forecasts. Dopper radar is used to keep a record of the wind gale goes the tornado alleys. It also helps take precision of the areas of rotation that are covered by the thunderstorms. The use of a Doppler radar in the forecast empowers the meteorologists to give a longer warning period than before.

Death tolls from tornadoes in the USA

Many people are injured after a tornado hits a region; in addition, some people lose their lives from it. The most destructive tornado was recorded in the midwestern states on March 18, 1925. It was known as the Tri-State Tornado. It caused considerable ravages across the Midwest, from the northwest of Ellington, Mo. to southern Illinois, passing through Mississippi River.

The storm lasted an hour and a half, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. The death toll reached 695 and the whole town of Gorham was damaged. Among the other most alarming tornadoes, it is also shocking to know about the impacts of the St. Louis Tornado in Missouri in 1896. It led to the loss of 255 lives within a single day, on May 27, 1896.

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