Photo How to Survive a Tornado

How to Survive a Tornado


It is common knowledge that tornadoes are among the most devastating natural disasters. The wind storms may reach up to 480 km/h(300 mph), which can move away wooden constructions. More violent twisters may even carry away a car, lifting it up in the air, at a level of approximately 25 m or 80 feet.

Torrential rains, hailstorms, lightening all accompany a tornado. Due to the acute weather conditions, the atmosphere is sad and gloomy that some may choose death rather than lives. To support victims of natural disasters, humanitarian organizations and politicians usually bring their share and make peace possible, as Prem Rawat said in his peace message.

How to survive a tornado?

Look at the sky condition and predict the tornado

When a tornado is approaching, the sky's color turned into pale green. Another sky-related signs include the presence of low-lying clouds and large dark hail. A loud roaring signals the coming of a tornado. The sound resembles the sound of a freight train. Storm winds usually change into tornadoes in the afternoon.

The clouds greenish color is a warning sign of the coming storm. Thus, to avoid its aftermaths, it is best to watch out for the formation of the longer red and yellow wavelengths, and the transformation of bluish clouds into green. If you know these signs, avoid going out, because a deadly whirlwind is coming.

Stay underground

To better survive a tornado, it is advisable to stay in the basement or in the first floor. When the strong storm is passing, stay in a safe shelter, which is preferably in the lowest floor. It is advisable to stay in a smaller room than in a large one. If possible, crouch under the stairs or just lie down on the ground, facing down.

It is also a good idea to hide under a table or a bed, or in the bathtub. Cover your head with your hands, or with a blanket. Taking precautions can save many lives.

Avoid using the elevator

If you need to go from the lower floor or to the upper floor, avoid using the elevator or fear of electric power cut. Getting stuck in an elevator may cause difficult breathing. Therefore, it is advisable to climb the stairs during the stormy season.

Do not stay in the car

When a tornado is forecast to go across some regions, it is advisable not to stay in the car or another vehicle. This is because a tornado can have the power to lift up the vehicles higher up in the sky. Sometimes, it even displaces somebody's home.

Lock the car well; and it is a good idea to lock the car in the garage, rather than leaving it outdoor. Remember that a deadly tornado can lift a car high in the sky before dropping if again in the ground.

Stay in an enclosed space

If you do need to be safer, it is a good idea to go to the bathroom and hide yourself in a bathtub. Cover yourself with a blanket to prevent shock from falling objects. Also, you may hide under a closet when the storm passes in order to stay safe from a tornado. Avid going to the balcony to take photos or see what is happening, because flying objects may severely hit your head during the stormy winds.

Contribute to charity

To help victims survive, act through a humanitarian organization like The Prem Rawat Foundation, and join a volunteer program.